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eW-cms  Community

eW-cms Community

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Build Awesome Communities with Complete CMS feature

The eW-cms Suite is a flexible, integrated set of apps for building great communities on the web.

Content Management

Design a custom content sections, relate one another or you can create a custom post types like wordpress, widgets and lot more


eW-cms forum software along with our CMS features make a complete website, it's the most powerful way to enable discussion on your website.


You can easily create adverts using our widget feature to display ads in various parts and section of the website.

SEO and Mobile Friendly

eW-cms is fully responsive whether it's a backed or frontend by default, There are facilities for meta tags for individual post at the backend.

Access Control for Content

eW-cms has an incredibly powerful permissions system, allowing you to configure precisely who can see and do what.

Spam Prevention

We have implemented the automatic spam prevention system, where automatic post or registration will detected by the system and block them.

Customise Fields

Customize each page, category or post type showing a variety of information. You can add fields like date, time, text, drop down list, images etc depending on post type, category or subcategories

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